Pilates Classes

The personalised attention given throughout all classes ensuring a more mindful workout. Both Equipment and Mat should be equally difficult on the body, mind and enhance a longer, more flexible spine.


2020 Schedule
Private, Duet   (In studio)  All Classes (Online & In Studio)

October Special Unlimited Classes

Unlimited Online Mat Classes for 1 week !!!

Train every day with Over 6 Classes per week for R500 only!!

Book now, your Spine will thank you 🙂

   In Studio Private and Duet Classes

   We will be offering Private and Duet Sessions in Studio

   All Covid Protocols are in Place to ensure a safe training environment

   We are so looking forward to welcoming you into our new space 🙂 

   Time slots to be arranged by booking through Kelly

In Studio Mat & Equipment Classes

Equipment classes

Equipment class following the BASI block system method and Utilizing BASI Systems and Balance Body Equipment. The equipment uses a spring mechanism to create resistance giving you a full body workout.


Mat classes

Mat class following the BASI block system to enhance a full body mat workout.

Offering some classes which utilize auxiliary mat equipment to enhance the resistance, assist the workout.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday









Limited Space
Only 4 pax per Class

All Covid Protocols are in place providing a safe place to train


Online Mat Classes

Offering classes utilizing auxiliary mat equipment to enhance the resistance, assist the workout. We often enhance our practice with the use of props such as Magic Circles, Rollers, TheraBand, loops, discs and Poles to name a few.





Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


5:30 5:00







Choose Package Suitable for you




Moms and Babes/ Kids Pilates

You are never too young to start
A fun-filled class that allows mom/ dad and child to bond while building strength, core and body awareness in an entertaining manner. Duration: 30 min

Thurdays 16h00
With Kelly Fullerton

Pregnancy (Pre, During, Post)

Tailored and Mindful exercise routine to keep mom and baby healthy and active during pregnancy and helps with recovery after birth.

On request
With Kelly Fullerton

Pilates for the Mature Client

You are never too old to exercise.
It is vital to ensure body and mind are kept mobile throughout our adolescent stages in life. A gentle routine focusing on mobility and movement

On request
With Kelly Fullerton

Sports and Rehabilitation

Learning to recruit specific muscles and breathe correctly in order to increase performance in sport. Rehabilitation given to clients who are pain free from any chronic pathology.

On request
With Kelly Fullerton