Our Mission

Move with a Purpose

Focusing on mind-body connection providing personal attention and detail to every client during a session.

About Us

Fully Equipped Studio

Dynamic Posture Pilates is proudly fully equipped with BASI Systems and Balance Body equipment utilising both machines and auxiliary mat equipment.

Dynamic Posture is a friendly and modern studio situated in Rivonia, Johannesburg offering personalised BASI Private, Duet, Mat, Equipment, Booty Barre, Pregnancy and Kids classes focusing on a client’s specific needs while concentrating on giving each client modified attention whether in a group or private session.
Daily sessions are created by using the BASI Method of Pilates which is an internationally recognised qualification.

“I want to teach people to Move With A Purpose and as my clients will attest, my attention to detail is based on
the ethos of BASI Pilates.”

Kelly Fullerton

Owner, Dynamic Posture Pilates

The BASI approach is structured, detailed and thorough as is Dynamic Postures own
approach to Pilates.
The highlights of the BASI Pilates method are the 10 principles of Pilates as well as The Block System.

The BASI Block systems allow for:

  • Flexible framework
  • Ensures a progressive structure taught in all classes.
  • Pilates sessions created to cover all planes of movement and address multiple muscle groups which ensures a full-body workout.

Our Classes

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Equipment Classes

The Equipment offered has mechanisms with springs to provide resistance and increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise.

Mat Classes

We often enhance our practice with the use of props such as Magic Circles, Rollers to name a few as well as Booty Barre Cardio classes which are great fun.

Moms and Babes/ Kids Pilates

You are never too young to start. A fun-filled class that allows parent and child to bond while building strength, core and body awareness in a fun manner.


What People Are Saying

“Kelly has been my Pilates teacher for almost 5 years but I have known her for 7 years. I am a qualified BASI Pilates instructor and so am more than fussy and fastidious about where I go for training. Kelly trained me a few times over the years at Pure Motion and I always enjoyed the sessions as they were challenging and well thought out. I joined a mat class of hers about 4 years ago and loved her classes from the word go – we always worked hard and the pure Pilates principles of BASI were a solid theme.  Kelly is a phenomenal Pilate’s teacher in every aspect. Her knowledge and understanding of the repertoire is without fault and she is constantly using available tools to expand on her own repertoire. She can access her incredible creativity and ability to improvise but still maintain BASI
principles. She cues with absolute clarity and always manages to get that extra little bit out of you and the exercise.”

Vicki Forrester

Basi Pilates Instructor

“I came to Kelly two years ago with a severe back problem, I had 2 bulging discs in my back and could hardly move! With the help of Kelly’s expertise and patient nature, I was able to gain the core strength and flexibility I needed in order to manage my back condition.  I would highly
recommend her!”


Friend and Dedicated Client

“Kelly is the best instructor in Jhb. Ex-dancer and pedantic about her skills and clients technique. On top of the latest learnings by travelling internationally. I have been doing Pilates since the late 90s and finding Kelly is like finding gold.”

Nicole Swart

Dedicated Client

“One of the best fitness decisions that my sister Nema and I have made was to seek out Private Pilate’s sessions, which led us to Kelly Fullerton. That was in July 2009 and we haven’t looked back. Pilates with Kelly is never boring as she always challenges us
to push our boundaries. She applies the BASI techniques and the use of traditional Pilate’s equipment while also incorporating “cardio Pilates” and the TRX. She is truly passionate about what she does. Her innate ability in identifying and understanding the different physiological strengths and weaknesses of her clients makes her an excellent instructor and overall trainer. The biggest and most impactful lesson that Kelly has taught is body awareness and how to apply the concept outside of the class environment and in our daily routines.”

Nema & Roma Ramkhelawan


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Why Choose Us

Healthy Spine! Healthy Life!

Dynamic Posture follows the 10 principles of Pilates allow for a mind-body form of a workout rather than just a physical one
The 10 principles have been evident in each session taught to help execute and guide clients in perfecting and understanding the movement of the BASI Pilates repertoire.